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Friday, April 10, 2009

Woman raped twice infront of witnesses

While at the Women of Caliber web page I noticed this blog entry. It seems that this young woman was raped over a period of ten minutes while two Mass Transit Authority workers sat watching in the security of their booths. These vermin did nothing to help. When the police arrived TEN MINUTES LATER the assailant was gone and the deed was done. It is a good thing NYC violates the second amendment so that people can be safe.

We live in such a narcissistic society full of spineless, self-absorbed, weenies that a woman can't expect two men to come to her aid over a period of ten minutes while she is being raped! Thankfully we have the police - ten minutes too late. I have no problem with police, just with the faulty concept that their job is to protect every citizen 24 x 7.

Sorry for my rant. I have daughters and these stories get to me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This really is such a disturbing story of the apathy that is plaguing our nation. Really appreciate your re-blogging and sharing this post with your readers - much appreciated.

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