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Friday, April 24, 2009

Swine Influenza...

Taken from my blog tonight:

It's enough to make one wonder whether it's been engineered, though germs do have a nasty habit of propagating and adapting. This is what we get for the overuse of antibiotics, both in animals and humans. If you come into contact with anyone who shortly afterward becomes deathly ill with a severe respiratory infection, call your local health agency and go to the frakkin hospital for treatment. They will test you for it and if you have it they will put you in quarantine in a plastic bubble till you either get better or die. Best thing to do is to avoid public places if there is talk of bad mojo afoot. If you keep pigs be sure that none of your neighbors' associate with your herd.

Keep up with this as this kind of thing spreads rapidly.
Possible cases have been discovered in British Columbia and there have been cases in Kalifornia and San Antonio Texas so far in addition to Mexico, where 60 persons out of 900 reported cases have died.

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RSOE Alertmail Subscription Page:

Semper Vigilans.


Berserker said...

There are now reports of avian/porcine-like flu occurrences in Queens NY. 75 high-school students have fallen ill with a severe strain of influenza. Testing is underway to determine whether it is swine flu or not.
Wash your hands constantly, cough and sneeze into your elbow, that's all I can think to say and seems to be the extent of what health experts are recommending.
Stay Safe,

Berserker said...

Porcine Influenza has jumped continents in at least two places. It is confirmed in NZ, Israel and possible cases have been discovered in the UK.

From RSOE:
RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Budapest, Hungary


An Israeli man who recently returned from a trip to Mexico has been hospitalized with symptoms of swine flu. Doctors at Laniado Hospital in Netanya on Sunday admitted and isolated the man, 26, and are working to determine if he is suffering from the swine flu virus, which is reportedly responsible for the deaths of up to 81 people in Mexico. He is one of 25 Israeli tourists who recently returned from Mexico to be examined on Sunday. Also on Sunday, Israel's Foreign Ministry offered guidelines to Israelis currently visiting Mexico or planning a visit to Mexico in order to reduce the risk of infection with the potentially deadly virus following a deadly outbreak in Mexico. No Israeli travel advisory has been issued, however. The infection has spread to the United States, including California and Texas, according to reports. The Israeli Embassy in Mexico cancelled its annual Independence Day reception, following a Mexican government request to avoid public gatherings to halt th e spread of the virus, Ynet reported. The World Health Organization has called the virus a public health emergency of "pandemic potential."

Not confirmed information!


2009-04-26 08:09:18 - Epidemic Hazard - New Zealand

EDIS CODE: EP-20090426-21433-NZL
Date & Time: 2009-04-26 08:09:18 [UTC]
Area: New Zealand, Northern Island, , Auckland


Twenty-five students and teachers in New Zealand, some with flu-like symptoms, were quarantined and tested for swine flu after returning from a trip to Mexico, officials said Sunday, as Asia stepped up surveillance for the deadly virus. The group from New Zealand's largest high school returned to the northern city of Auckland on Saturday on a flight from Los Angeles. Thirteen students and one teacher were unwell and one student had to be hospitalized, said Auckland Regional Public Health Services director Dr. Julia Peters. Health Ministry spokesman Michael Flyger said some had symptoms of an influenza-like illness and the test results were expected later Sunday. At this stage other passengers on the flight were not being sought and the next step would depend on what the tests showed, he said.

Not confirmed information!


2009-04-26 05:51:52 - Epidemic Hazard - United Kingdom

EDIS CODE: EP-20090426-21427-GBR
Date & Time: 2009-04-26 05:51:52 [UTC]
Area: United Kingdom, England, , Harrow

!!! ALERT !!!


A member of the cabin crew from a British Airways Mexico City-to-Heathrow flight is in hospital with "flu-like symptoms" after falling ill in mid-trip. The man, who has not been named, has been taken to Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, north London. A hospital spokesman said: "He has flu-like symptoms and is responding well to treatment." The spokesman added that the hospital was scrupulously following infection control procedures "to ensure there is no risk to any other individual in the hospital." It comes as the UK was placed on health alert following a deadly outbreak of swine influenza in Mexico and the US. The World Health Organisation has warned all nations to keep a look out for unusual flu cases. Its director-general Margaret Chan said the outbreak constituted a "public health emergency of international concern" and had "pandemic potential". The H1N1 strain of swine flu usually associated with pigs has spread to humans, causing symptoms including fever and fatigue.
than 60 people have died of pneumonia in Mexico after contracting a flu-like virus and many others - including children in a New York school - have been made ill. The UK Health Protection Agency said it was keeping a close eye on the situation. An HPA spokesman said: "No cases of swine flu have been identified in the UK or anywhere in Europe. The reported events in the US and Mexico are unusual and warrant further investigation and vigilance on the part of other countries."

Not confirmed information!


Be very careful to avoid exposure. It is striking the young and healthy, not infants and elderly.


Berserker said...
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Berserker said...

Link to map of confirmed cases of Swine Flu worldwide:


American Prepper said...

We have a new site up dedicated to covering the Swine Flu Pandemic, feel free to borrow any of our posts or to submit any you'd like to see up


DaveP said...

If you want a local supplier of commercial & industrial grade first aid kits (ie: including inflatable splints, lots of safety equipment etc) then check out ABC Co. just off Babcock Blvd.

I was there to pick up a computer-friendly fire extinguisher and saw that they have a pretty big store room of medical supplies.


Berserker said...

Thanks Tom and Dave!:)

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