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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HAM radio for survival

HAM radio is on my list of things to investigate for survival. My family is spread out over several hundred miles in different directions and contacting them in a grid-down situation will be impossible. It would be horrible not being able to contact loved ones to see how they are doing or to let them know how we are doing.

I just came across a great post at the Alabama Preppers page by Tracy. Read it here.


Humble wife said...

I hadn't thought of this, but have a hand crank radio on my list for next month. I am of to read the link now!

Bulldog115366 said...

Hey there neighbors!!!! Go over to the Canadian Preppers Network and check out the post by WV Santa. Also, I have more info on the Maryland page. Shortwave, Ham and CB will be the last forms of comms left. Why, because they are basic and simple!!!!!

wvsanta said...

Just ran across this and would like you to know I did a post for the CPN on emergency communications that was also posted on the APN and on Code Name Bullseye blog and would be glad to share what I have posted and more post that are coming on this topic if you want.
God Bless all from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

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