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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garden 2009 - does anyone have solutions to blight problems?

I've got a few heirloom tomatoes (the cherry tom in front is huge, but yellow, it seems less able to fight off this fungus that's going around) in addition to the usual big boy and early girls (got a half dozen of each for $2 each tray b/c they had been left out and were getting beat up)...I've got a regular cucumber and a pickling cucumber (any good pickling recipes?) and oregano, basil and cilantro.

Got a bunch of peppers (chili, jalapeno, hot banana, and habanero (no blossoms yet though)...Japanese eggplant (I couldn't find regular ones that weren't like $6) they had corn available this year so we're trying that...lots of red and white beans in the last photo.

Does anyone have a solution to that white fungus that grows on the leaves of zucchini and squash? The local HD was out of the fungicide I used before because everyone has fungus problems...

Any tips appreciated for dealing with these fungus issues!


Monday, August 3, 2009

What happened to my radishes?

OK, first let me apologize for not posting anything for the last month or more. July is a very busy month for us and we were also on vacation. I hope to get back to posting at least once a week.

Here is the problem. I planted a garden which is doing fairly well. But the radishes are a complete failure. The grew tall and sturdy, but the root ( the food part) is just a long white root. Could anyone tell me what I've done wrong?

P.S. They have been in the ground since early May. And according to the package they were supposed to look like this picture.
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