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Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Organization

I've read that setting yourself up to "shop at home" is one of the best ways to keep your food stock fresh (ie: my bin of Y2K food was never touched)...and you tend to lose sight of cans in the back of a shelf.

It's hard to regularly eat what is, shall we say, not always the most desirable food...I know I never go, "Hey, let's eat some canned potatoes tonight! And let's wash that down with some powdered milk! YUM! One winds up eating all of the canned peaches and have a full case of beets. But it must be done sometimes, or your food will be bad when you need it the most.

I had read about vertical stacking of cans, but that required carpentry skills...not my forte :)

I did have a half sheet of 3/4" piece of plywood that fit nicely into the angles of my shelving unit (costco I think)...I could lean it back against the wall. I then took two sections of of metal bedframe and made a 'V', and used pre-existing holes in them to just screw them to the plywood. Realizing that there was some wasted space, and that I needed to store a bunch of square boxes, I took two pieces of of 1X2's and some angle brackets and made a shelf under the 'V'.

When you get new stuff, just spread it along the back, maybe pull a few cans out and 'randomize' them a bit...this picture shows just over 50 cans.

So, now the hard part will be forcing ourselves to eat whatever is the 'first' can at the bottom of the 'can dispenser' ;)
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