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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Friendly Prepping

I don't want to be Mr. Doom (although I wouldn't *object*, necessarily...if I *had* to pick a Bad Guy name that would be a sweet one), but I want to be family friendly too.

So, I'm thinking FIFO storage.

I recently read an article about FIFO storage [lookup reference - americanpreppernetwork i think], but long story short, basically you need to store what you eat and eat what you store. For an example of failing to do this, I still have Y2K food in a bin...it's useless.

They had the great idea of a FIFO bin (First In First Out like a grocery store), basically a can chute for whatever space you are in (ie: vertical can chute for cramped urban settings) will work.

I did a little test run with my few cans, and found that you need a good bit (3 ft of a shelf) of room to randomize 50+ cans...that's a little over 3-4 cases of cans. Try it out for yourself...it takes some time and a lot of space to randomize your stash. But if you don't eat this stuff at some point you'll be stuck with old food like me. :(

My approach has been to try and randomize the type of soup you have or something, you might be surprised...you find something you like, you get sick of something quickly, you never know...so buy more of what you like and less of what you don't.

Family Friendly: I'm thinking of building a game of picking the next can out, so that we can manage our food bill. Perhaps by allowing the little guy to pick out his next meal means he'll actually eat it?


CountryWay said...

If you make a menu of all the meals you eat...surprisingly you will come up with a lot...(our family has 16 weeks worth of meals now. then figure out all the groceries you need for your menu...(we have a weekly grocery list) Then buy your groceries and plan your storage around this...you will never have any food waste...you will rotate your foods and never worry that you won't have the right ingredients for a meal...this really works well and is cost effective. Our weekly grocery list consists only of the few fresh things that we might be eating that week. MOST foods can be canned, dried, or frozen including milk, eggs and cheese!

CountryWay said...

oops I meant to say we have a menu plan that includes 16 weeks of meals...thats 5 meals a week with 2 days of left overs..which adds up to 80 different meals...sorry about the mistake. Once you start writing down what different meals your family eats..you would be surprised the variety.

DaveP said...

Here's a link on how much soil, etc, for container gardening...didn't know where else to put it:


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