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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Here

My name is Pat and I've just joined the network here in Pennsylvania. I am concerned about many of the things I've seen discussed on all the Preppers Network pages. I am currently writing a blog called Survival Together. My friends and I also meet occasionally to discuss ways to help each other prepare for and survive through whatever may be ahead.

I am in the midst of studying up on generators and solar power. To have six months for studying and discussing these things would be optimal, but I feel there is an urgency now which will not allow such a delay.

My plan so far is to buy or build a medium size generator and also use a small solar system.
Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.


1 comment:

Kymber said...

a Big Canadian Welcome to you Pat! Glad to see you hear at the Pennsylvania Preppers Network! I am from the Canadian Preppers Network and am also very interested in solar power...looking forward to more of your posts!
Again - Welcome!

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