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Monday, March 30, 2009

Are you an Illegal Hoarder? Depends on what state you're in...

Are Preppers Illegal Hoarders facing possible confiscation of their Preps?

On federal level, there aren't many laws on the books regarding this, but there are Executive Orders.

This article looks to be several years old (last date referenced is 2002) but Executive Orders don't expire...I can't vouch for accuracy, but it points out the various EO's that allow for FEMA to confiscate/control roadways, communication, health and education facilities, food resources, fertilizer, and production facilities and even split up your family for work gangs.

The article points out however, that many states *do* have many and varied laws on the books regarding hoarding, and uses Hawaii as an example. In Hawaii, apparently anything more than a week's worth of provisions could be considered "hoarding" and subject to confiscation and redistribution. Yikes. On a small island, double Yikes.

As messed up as this is, other countries may well be worse off. The author apparently lives on a small island I've never heard of (Ballarat) that was facing water shortages, and authorities there have drafted (but not signed YET) laws that allow for metering *private rainwater tank usage* and for allowing *public* taps to be put on your *private* well. Again, YIKES.

I searched for the term "hoarding" in the PA database here:
and didn't get any hits...it might be in there somewhere though, can anyone more lawyer-like enlighten us?

1 comment:

PH said...

Good post Dave. It is real freightening to think about the power FEMA appears to have.

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