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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is anyone watching the PA network?

I've been watching a number of the state Peppers Networks and many of them are quite active. Why is Pennsylvania so quiet? Leave a comment if you'd like to see some activity on the PA Network.


Kymber said...

We would all like to see some more activity on the PA Network Pat....sometimes it just takes a while to get going! I know that I am still looking forward to your info on generators and solar power!

Humble wife said...

Hi Pat
I would like to read more! Share what you are doing to prep!

American Prepper said...

Many of us are watching and reading Pat. Check the hit counter at the bottum of the page. It does take a little while for things to get up and running. You will notice also, that most readers don't comment, maybe due to time constraints, or they may not even know about the comment feature. But that does not mean that you aren't doing a good job providing a valuable service to them. The more posts and good information you put out there, the more people will gravitate to your site, it does take some time though.

Good luck

DaveP said...

Hi all - I'm working on several articles at the same time...was thinking of sending out betas for input from the other states...anyone interested in commenting on betas?

Patrick Hughes said...

Thanks for the comments. Glad to see folks are watching. I'm posting something on generators.

Dave, go ahead and send a Beta my way. Tom has my email.


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